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At Narcisse Law Office PLLC, located in Grosse Pointe Park we offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines. Our specialties are Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law and Real Estate Law.

Specialty Services

Criminal Law

Excellent representation and advice in criminal cases.

Family Law

From divorce to custody, we have winning experience in this field. 

Immigration Law

We provide help pertaining to green cards, citizenship, deportation and more. Hay ayuda en Español también. 

Real Estate Law

We can give assistance in an array of Real Estate areas including buying and selling property and contract disputes. 

Tax Law

We provide a wide variety of help with tax and tax law.

Our attorneys offer legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. Years of experience and our in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. To learn more or seek representation please Contact Us.

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